News|September 18, 2012 11:12 am

Painting gives me peace : Manisha Koirala

Of late, it seems Manisha Koirala is in a happy state. She has lost unwanted kilos and is looking radiant as ever.

Flashing her trademark innocent smile she reveals,

I am a subdued person today. I am not fond of anything bright or flashy. I have stopped partying. In fact, I don’t socialise much either.

adding that she has taken a liking to painting. About her new passion, she enthuses,

Painting gives me peace and calms me down. I am also a lot into reading books. I like to be in my space.

The actress, who’ll be seen on screen after a long while in Ram Gopal Varma’s sequel to Bhoot, is on the lookout for scripts to continue satisfying her acting instincts.