News|December 14, 2012 4:42 pm

On my birthday, I might be in court: Salman Khan

Actor Salman Khan, who will be celebrating his 47th birthday on Dec 27 says that he might be in court to face the trial for a 2007 hit-and-run case on the same day.

Salman Khan

On Dec 27, I am not doing anything. I am not very sure what I am doing that day. On my birthday, I myself might be in court.

Salman said.

Salman, who has been summoned by a Jodhpur court to appear before it in February in connection with a 1998 poaching case, says he might have a date with the Mumbai court regarding the hit-and-run case.

I think they have asked , Salman says it is something he will never do. the lawyers say I don’t need to go, then I won’t go and if the lawyers say, I have to then I will definitely go.

he said.

Many celebrities celebrate their birthdays in the presence of the media. Commenting on it, he said,

It will never happen. Woh fraudgiri mujhse nahi hogi (I can’t do that fraud with anyone). I can’t do that and I am telling this very frankly – When the media is standing outside my house, with OB vans and all, my mother will make sure that their party happens outside. Not for any other reason, but if the media is there in the party, then the guests get very uncomfortable. So nobody will be able to have a good time and within five minutes, everybody would want to leave.

he said.