News|November 14, 2012 12:03 pm

Now a clash between Aamir and Akshay over the release of their films!

War between stars over the film’ release is not a big deal now-a days. After the much hyped war between he war between Ajay Devgn and Shahrukh Khan, there are reports that Aamir Khan’s upcoming thriller Talaash and Akshay Kumar’s Khiladi 786 might clash at the box office.

Prominent exhibitor D Y Patni from the Gujarat-Saurashtra circuit said,

I think we all are waiting to get out of this one situation and then even think about the other one. I guess all the exhibitors have realised one thing that no film or no business is worth al these mess. No one will sign any agreement and that is for sure. It’s a small industry and we are few distributors and exhibitors. I don’t think it is fair to keep one happy and one unhappy. Now decisions will be made keeping the films in mind. I think we will only be fair to every film and will not like to spoil any relations with anyone.

Hemant Shah of Tilak Exhibitors said,

The situation is that we are very clear that if collections of Talaash are good we will continue. Everything depends on the film. There will be no prior commitment on any film. I can’t deny the fact that it is an Aamir Khan film but one has to now go by merit and that is going to be our stand.

Another prominent distributor from Delhi said,

Talaash was to be released in June and they had booked two weeks from that time. So, I think the exhibitors will have to go with that. People have signed so it has to be valid.