News|August 9, 2011 3:33 pm

No Trouble in release of Aarakshan

After all doing all the promotional tactics from bringing news of National Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission protest against the film to Mayawati Government denying for the promotions of Aarakshan in Lucknow, to Feroze Nadiadwala, the co-producer of the film is being sued by Sushil Gupta of G.G. Photo for a sum of Rs 3.75 crores, Now after creating hype when the date of release in near, Prakash Jha is announcing that their is no trouble in releasing Aarakshan,

Anyways, Feroze Nadiadwala who was in news for being sued for defaulting on repayment of dues of the amount of Rs. 3.50 Crore including interest loan borrowed from Sushil Gupta, is now resolving the issue with Gupte,

Gupta has filed suit against Nadiadwala in Madras High Court, considering his involvement the financers had also appealed for a stay in the release of the film Aarakshan,

Commenting on this, Prakash Jha said,

Prakash Jha Productions is the sole rights holder of Aarakshan. All rights and authority regarding the business of Aarakshan are vested with Prakash Jha Productions. The cheque bouncing issue is between Mr. Feroze A. Nadiadwala and Mr. Sushil Gupta. It has nothing to do with Aarakshan. Mr. Nadiadwala is sorting it out. Aarakshan will release worldwide on August 12, as per schedule.

Also Feroze A Nadiadwala said,

As far as Aarakshan is concerned, Prakash Jha Productions has the sole rights to the film, and complete authority to deal with the business of the film. And Prakash Jha Productions has not entered into any agreement with Mr Sushil Gupta of G. G. Photo,

Aarakshan is releasing on 12th August 2011.