News|May 21, 2012 12:27 pm

No one recognized Emraan because of his new look

We all are aware of Emraan’s new look that he has carried for his next release Shanghai. Reports say that Emraan has put on weight like 10-11 Kgs for his role and is trying to look as ugly as possible.

There is an interesting tale being narrated about the presence of Emraan amongst  the common public crowd and no one recognizing him. Though he was shooting amidst a large crowd in Latur no one actually recognized him and shooting went off easily.

“What is most ironical is that even as he roamed around freely, there were 2000-3000 people on location waiting for him to turn up just in order to catch a glimpse of him”,

a source said.

Crowd realized Emraan was on sets only when a fleet of security escorted Emraan’s car out of the crowd. Director Dibakar Banerjee says,

“Well, that’s indeed true. All I can say is that Emraan’s look is so different and interesting, that now one can’t blame the crowd if they struggled too. Of course Emraan did comply at times so that his fan-base didn’t go home disappointed.”