News|July 5, 2012 10:30 am

No honeymoon for Mohit Chauhan!

Work comes first with Mohit Chauhan. The singer, who got married to journalist Prarthna Gehlot in a secret ceremony in his home state Himachal Pradesh last Friday, won’t be taking a break from his busy schedule to go on a honeymoon.

The ceremony was so low-key that it was attended by family and close friends. Apparently nobody from Bollywood was even invited. And the entire proceedings took place in Rajputana style as the crooner belongs to the Rajput community.

A source present at the event says,

Since Mohit is a very private person, he preferred a hush-hush wedding. Therefore, only a few people were present at the event. Also, he always wanted to conduct his wedding in the traditional manner.

After the wedding rituals were completed in Solan, the couple flew to Delhi for the reception. Interestingly, the buzz is that the just-married 48-year-old won’t be taking a break for a honeymoon with his Delhi-based wife whom he has been seeing for the past four years.

The source adds,

Mohit has a very busy schedule and he’s planning to land in Mumbai as soon as possible. Due to the several recording commitments he has made, there’s no plan to go on a honeymoon, at least, as of now.