News|October 30, 2012 7:25 pm

No Dhawans film for Varun

Since Varun is from filmy background, it is obvious that he will be surrounded by the rumors about him doing the home production film.

But for now the fact is that their will be no films for Varun Dhawan, Produced by David Dhawan or directed by Rohit Dhawan, infect Varun has the exclusive 3 film contract with Dharma Productions.

A family frined of Dhawan’s said,

Varun is surprised that such insinuations are being made when there is absolutely nothing being planned on these lines. Of course he belongs go the family of filmmakers but if the endeavour was to work with them soon, he could have debuted much earlier. He is thankful to Karan for giving him such launch pad; he isn’t going to let the goodwill get diluted by plunging on his own film so soon. All of that can wait.

This means not really getting into the comfort zone of a home production either, Why to make it all so easy and obvious ? There is time for everything. Let Varun explore the outside world, comfort zone of a home production can wait.

Also Varun said,

Dad is also sure that I have to do two-three films with outside filmmakers before I come back home. There is no film planned with him and Rohit. My loyalties stay with Dharma.