News|June 17, 2010 9:56 pm

Nikhil Denies Doing Nude Scene in Mani’s Raavan

Actors die to work with Mani Ratnam and respect him whatever he decides for scenes. Nikhil Diwedi, who has been playing a vital in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan, initially decided to do nude scene for the flick. As Mani convinced this aspiring actor to go for nude sequence, but at the last moment denied for the scene as the actor felt shy at the last minute, saying all the way, “What will my family say?”

Though Mani Ratnam tried him to convince him that the scene was not for titillation, but the actor was not at all convinced. As per source,

“The first ever male nude sequence in a Hindi film almost didn’t happen. Nikhil Diwedi who had to do the scene copped out. The director Mnai Ratnam tried to explain to him that the scene was not for titillation. It is a scene of police turture…in reverse. Usually it’s cops who are shown torturing suspected offenders. Here it’s the other way around. Beera (Abhishek) and his men capture a cop played by Nikhil Diwedi. They strip and torture him.”

Taking into emotional level, Nikhil said,

“Sir main apne ghar walon ko kya mooh dikhanoonga?”

Apparently, Mani is not used to hear no, and moreover Nikhil’s counterpart in Tamil (John Vijay) had willingly bared all.  But Nikhil was immovable. Finally Mani used a body-double to shoot the scene.

Defending himself, Nikhil said,

“I am not allowed to say anything. But if you’re talking about full-frontal nudity then sorry I won’t do it. We Indians have a certain inbuilt censorship.”

Whatever, but there are actors, who can say No to directors if they don’t want to…