News|September 13, 2012 11:55 am

Nice to hear that people remember my work: Zeenat Aman

It didn’t seem like four decades have passed since Zeenat Aman grooved to ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ when the audience broke into an applause as she walked the ramp for a fashion event in the city recently. However, the yesteryear actress seemed unperturbed by all the attention.

So how does she feel when people still identify her by a four-decade-old song and dance number?

I think it is sweet. It’s nice to hear that people still remember my work.

says the actress. Besides being a muse for her favourite designers, the actress is now focusing on animal welfare activities. Her letter to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation asking for a ban on horse drawn carriages in Mumbai was in the news recently.

It is not just about horses; I think any animal deserves to be treated well. I was asked to join an NGO which works for animal welfare and I have agreed to join it.

she says.

Zeenat has two dogs at her Mumbai home and she adores them.

One is a golden retriever and the other a Labrador. I guess it’s my involvement with them which has made me unable to bear cruelty to animals. My family also shares my feelings for animals and are affected deeply by cruelty to animals. I think it’s our responsibility to take care of them when we share our planet with them.

she says.

For the same reason, Zeenat has been a veggie all her life and feels that when you eat an animal, all that ‘negativity goes into your system’.

But that’s my point of view, and I wouldn’t want to go deeply into it as it’s a controversial subject.

she signs off.