News|May 9, 2012 1:55 pm

New Couple to talk about, Harman and Shamita

Thanks to Bollywood Celebs, we always have one or the other couple to talk about. New in the room are Shamita Shetty and Harman Baweja. They have started seeing each other a few months ago and their love story is fresh.

Harman is very close to Shilpa and Raj and is supposedly starring in the film produced by them. They are getting close to each other slowly and steadily and are not ready to confirm the news.

A source close to the couple says,

“They’ve just started dating; it’s only been a few months. They first met over a year ago, when Harman was in talks to star in Shilpa’s home production. They’ve been meeting a lot more lately, at the matches of the team owned by the Kundras. Since the relationship is still new, neither wants to come out and talk about it openly.”

When Harman sprained his ankle while shooting an action scene for Shilpa’s film, Shamita was by his side the whole time. When Shamita was asked about her friendship with Harman, she diplomatically says,

“We are very good friends. We hang together with a bunch of mutual friends, which includes Shilpa and Raj, but we are not dating.”

Harman too answered the question, saying,

“Shamita is a dear friend. Raj and I always hang out, and sometimes Shamita joins us. That’s all.”

So the whole Shetty family is trying to settle down and we wish them all the luck.