News|October 18, 2009 12:25 pm

Neil rejects deal


While working on Johnny Gaddar, Neil Nitin Mukesh, son of singer Nitin Mukesh had signed a 3 movie deal with PPC (Percept Picture Company), the recent movie Deal was also a part of the contract, however, they cancelled the deal, after Jail and settled Neil’s remuneration.

Later on, when the career seemed to be on an upswing for Neil, what with even New York becoming hugely successful, PPC wanted to revive the contract, which Neil Nitin Mukesh refused. Neil was pretty upset, since did not seem to show any sort of faith in him or in his bright future. That really hurt Neil.

While PPC’s Joint MD Shailendra Singh has denied pulling out of the deal,which was rather expected, Neil’s spokesperson confirmed it saying that they came back to him after ‘New York’ success and wanted to sign him on at the former price even though his market price had increased.