News|April 12, 2012 1:41 pm

Neil Nitin Mukesh gifts a car to his father!

Neil Nitin Mukesh, a hardcore car buff, is quite possessive about his SUV. More so, because it was his first possession as an actor. He even gifted father Nitin Mukesh one – a German brand. Neil humbly notes,

It was my father’s dream to have that brand and I presented it to him. He was surprised, obviously.

Neil added,

Every boy’s first toy is a car and I am no exception. Real cars apart, I have a huge collection of dinky cars too. I remember arranging them in the order of their size placing the tiniest one first and the biggest one right in the end. Even now, when I go to a toy store with my nephews, the one place that I just can’t resist heading over to, is the remote control car section. I think my nephew buys more intelligent toys than me. But I still take pride in the dinky cars that I collected as a kid.