News|April 26, 2010 11:43 pm

Neil Mukesh: I have Short-Temper Problem

Neil Nitin Mukesh has been playing traumatic characters and it is continued in his forthcoming film, Lafange Parinde, as the actor is required to fight man with his adversaries, with the result he has bloody bruises and cuts all over.

He has been injured from head to toe while shooting for the film. The film is about rivalry among bike gangs of Mumbai. It requires Neil to engage in serious and authentic fights on the streets. Sharing his experiences about his cuts Neil says,

“There’s nothing fake about the fists of fury that fly in Pradeep Sarkar’s film. It requires the rawest of physical violence and it can’t be faked. So if you see me now I’m covered with welters, wounds and bruises, all gifted to me every day while shooting this, the most dangerous film of my career.”

He also adds, luckily he moved out of his South Mumbai home to Powai for the duration of the shooting of “Lafange Parinde” otherwise, his mother would have freaked out. Explaining about his cuts, he says, that

“I’m covered in bruises. Because I am light-skinned, the hurt marks show up bright red on me within seconds. I look…alarming! Even to myself in the mirror.”

He does not require any fake blood as his stunt director Shyam Kaushalji is doing a very good job of making him bruise. He also adds that he have fierce temper problem, so he keeps on check it.