News|April 24, 2012 3:51 pm

Neil is a very good option: Ameesha Patel

It’s the last day of shoot for Susi Ganesan’s Shortcut Romeo, and Ameesha Patel and Neil Nitin Mukesh are having a whale of a time. They are on a yacht at sea and despite the closed confines and lack of food and facilities, they rib and tease one another. Neil flirts incessantly with her, and it’s obvious they share crackling chemistry. What better way to celebrate this than by doing another film together?

Yes, Ameesha and her business partner Kunal Goomer are seriously considering signing Neil for one of their two forthcoming films.

Neil is a very good option. Let’s see how things unravel. He’s a good friend and will be right for our project. He is an easy actor to consider because of his versatility. He can play the innocent boy-next-door or a rascal. Thanks to his fair skin and light hair, he can play a character from overseas but can also do the rustic character very well.

The Neil-Ameesha friendship grew on the sets of Shortcut Romeo, which Ameesha describes as a

heavy film, a suspense thriller in which the two characters are constantly trying to be one up on each other. It is like a game of chess. Just as you think you know what’s going to happen, one character does something totally different. For a role like this, in which I play a sophisticated bitch, the wife of a multi-millionaire, I needed to work with someone I could feel comfortable with. My roles have always been sweet. I’m playing a bitch for the first time, and Neil was very co-operative, always giving me cues. We worked together to improvise on scenes and it was a pleasure working with him. He flirts with every girl on the set, but believe me it’s better to work with a ladies man than with someone who sulks on the sets.