News|December 30, 2011 6:11 pm

Neil: Bipasha & I share a great comfort level

Neil finds his character cool and loves the way its been shown, also playing a computer wizard in the film have equated his characterization to that of Ed Norton in ‘The Italian Job’, the Hollywood action thriller which has been adapted by ‘Players’, Neil says his role is similar but is twisted in a big way for ‘Players’,he says,

This coolness comes from the fact that Spider cares a damn,” smiles Neil, “He is confident of himself and doesn’t try too hard to be noticed. Personally, even I am also like that as I too believe that coolness should come from within yourself. You can wear Armani, Prada or Louise Vitton and still look fake or instead you could pick up stuff from ‘Fashion Street’ (Mumbai) and still come across as cool and confident. It’s the personality that matters which brings with the confidence and coolness quotient.

The film also features Neil and Bipasha together, both the stars has worked together earlier in ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’, this is the reasone why both the stars has great chemistry in the film and are comfortable in working with eachother, Neil says,

Yes of course, the comfort level was way better this time around. Even when we had come together in Aa Dekhen Zara, there was a bonding that we had developed over a period of time. This time around the bonding was further consolidated because we had others who joined in all the fun as well. Frankly, with the kind of cast that our film boasts of, the entire experience of making it was exponentially far more enjoyable, Since this is a character oriented film with no hero and heroine, we too considered ourselves as ‘players’ participating as a team.