News|March 12, 2012 11:09 am

My children don’t want to do remakes: Anil Kapoor

Actor-producer Anil Kapoor, who has been a part of remake films including “Virasat” and “Nayak”, says his children are not interested in the genre and would stick to originals.

Newer generation don’t want to do remakes. At least my children don’t want to do remakes. They want to do original work. Either they want to adapt books or make original screenplays.

Anil said.

Anil has two daughters – actress Sonam, producer Rhea – and son Harshvardhan who is yet to make his debut in showbiz

Whenever I try to corrupt them and tell them remakes do commercially well, they say, ‘Dad, you have done it, we are not going to do it.’ That’s the new generation. At least my kids will not do it and they will say, ‘Do it on your own.’ For me, sometime to keep the company rolling, I will have to do that.

Anil entered produciton business in 2002 with the comedy “Badhaai Ho Badhaai” and it was followed by “My Wife’s Murder” (2005), “Gandhi, My Father” (2007) and “Aisha: 2010

His production venture “Aisha” and his recently announced moive “Herogiri” are book adaptations and the 52-year-old says despite being inspired by literary works, both the films’ scripts are original.

Both these films are original interpretations. Even the film Herogiri, which we are making now, is an adaptation from a book. But when you will read the script, it’s completely original.

Few things are inspired by the book, but when you see the screenplay it is original work. At least we are not making a frame to frame screenplay. They are all basically original and that’s what youngsters are doing.

he added.