News|August 18, 2010 12:18 am

Muzaffar Ali Back to Bollywood

It has been more 20 years, filmmaker, Muzaffar Ali, director of Rekha’s Umrao Jaan, has been away from the Cinema but now, he is back. The filmmaker is now not working on one project, but he is working on three scripts at the moment. Isn’t surprising?

Sharing his experience about his long absence from Cinema, Ali says,

“Sometime back, I did start shooting for a film in Kashmir, but there were problems in the valley, so I had to stop. I am still grappling to get that incident out of my mind. Plus one has to think very hard before making a film. One, for the kind of money that goes into it, and two, since Bollywood is a very crass, commercial, male star–oriented industry, so the minute one thinks of a story with a female star, nobody shows interest in investing in the project.”

Nevertheless, it seems after much thinking, he has now three scripts in hand.

“One is based on Rumi, the poet – it is going to be an expensive film. The other is a period film based on the 17th century, and the third one is a comedy – which is a small budget movie.”

US based designer, Mary McFadden will be doing the garments for two of the films along with Muzaffar. As of now, Ali will be working with Javed Siddiqui and Kabir Helminski, amongst others, for his film.