News|April 18, 2010 3:10 pm

Mumbai sweats and Tanishaa Fainted on Sets

The sweltering Mumbai can make anyone exhausted, either it common man or celebrity. Tanisha Mukherji, sister of Kajol, was the first victim of this sweltering Mumbai when she was shooting for the first day of shoot of her forthcoming flick, ‘Be Careful’.

Tanisha was shooting for Director Chandrakant Singh’s film Be Careful, with Rajneesh Duggal. As per scene reqirement, they need to get out of a car and enter a coffee shop in Juhu. The actors were giving a couple of takes from different camera angles when Tanishaa suddenly fainted. The shocked unit members carried her to her vanity van and a doctor was called immediately. Immediately, Tanishaa was asked to drink some lime water and take rest for while.

Tanishaa says,

“I didn’t drink enough water after my run yesterday morning. I guess it could also be because of the sudden change in climate. I recently came back from LA and the excessive humidity in Mumbai resulted in dehydration.”