News|November 3, 2010 2:25 am

Mukesh Bhatt: Mallika Sherawat Not Part of Murder 2’

Few days back, we raised question that “Is Mallika Sherwat is coming again in Murder 2?”, and the answer is NO! Yes, that’s true, producer, Mukesh Bhatt clarified that the actress will not be part of the sequel because of her behaviour.

Giving reasons why producers are not considering Mallika as lead actress in the sequel, Mukesh says,

“Post Murder, instead of being grateful to the producers and the film team, Sherawat tried to hog all the limelight for the success of the film. When a film does well, it’s the team that does well. How can you negate the music, Emraan’s (Hashmi’s) work and director Anurag Basu’s vision?

Apparently, rumors are there that Emraan also doesn’t want to work with her. When asked about this rumor, Mukesh said,

“Everyone at Vishesh Films has had issues with her. What she did was wrong. Emraan has now forgotten about it, but I don’t want her in my films.”

Ask him what elder brother Mahesh has to say in this matter and he retorts, saying,

“As far as Murder 2 is concerned, Sherawat is not in the race. She is still trying to convince Bhattsaab (Mahesh Bhatt). I doubt he will say yes. If he does, I will put my foot down and say ‘no’, because I am putting in the money.”

Well, let’s watch what Malliaka has to say in this regard!