News|May 23, 2012 1:09 pm

Mr India to Complete 25 Years this Friday

Bollywood is not very much fond of superhero movies, only handful of superhero movies have been made in India for example Mr. X in Bombay, Shiva Ka Insaaf, Krissh Series, Ra one and all-time favorite Mr. India.

This Friday Shekhar Kapur’s masterpiece Mr. India is completing 25 years and everyone still remembers and adores each and every scene of the movie.

Unlike other superhero movies Mr India is special. It is a film about an invisible superhero that holds a special corner in all our hearts.
The story was somewhat similar to Kishore Kumar’s Mr. X In Bombay and Shammi Kapoor’s ,In the movie Anil Kapoor is shown giving shelter to a group of orphan kids, discovering an invisibility device made by his scientist family friend (Ashok Kumar) who dies at the beginning of the film and Anil Kapoor uses his Invisibility device to fight “Mogambo”.

Even 25 years later the film holds remarkably well in many aspects.