News|May 2, 2011 11:28 pm

Mozez Singh fights with Shah Rukh, Sohail

IT was Maheep Kapoor’s Birthday Party at her Juhu Residence, Mozez Singh had a fight with Shah Rukh Khan and Sohail Khan,

Though Sohail Khan is not ready to accept that their was any fight at the party saying,

Nothing at all happened. I have met Mozez only once or twice in my life and what issue would I have with him? I would love to hear what you heard because now these rumours are getting funny.

The sources confirmed that Mozez had a fight with Sohail and then Shah Rukh Khan,

All was well at Maheep’s party at her Juhu residence. Almost as if out of the blue, Salman’s younger bro and Singh got into a tiff. Sohail was quietly dancing in a corner with his wife and some girls when Singh walked by and passed offensive remarks on the women.

Initially, Khan didn’t react but when Singh grew belligerent and abusive, the short-tempered actor lost it and started shoving the younger man around. Mozez pushed back and the argument showed signs of getting worse.

The hostess soon came over and sorted it out. By that time, the two men had cooled down and a disgusted Khan was about to stage a walkout. Maheep made sure the two men spoke to each other and make up before they left the party.

after that Mozez decided to leave the party at around 4.30 am and headed to the elevators. Shah Rukh Khan, Riteish Sidhwani, Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar were waiting for the lift as well. They were minding their own business and were surprise when Singh began insulting and passing nasty remarks on King Khan.

Sanjay Kapoor and Karan Johar also acted as pacifiers at the bash,

But When Mozez went beyound the limits, Shah Rukh grabbed Singh by the shirt and wouldn’t let go. The two continued squabbling until Duggu, who can’t stand fights, tried pulling the two apart. SRK’s friends pulled him away soon after.

An embarrassed Sanjay Kapoor tried pacifying his guests. Finally, SRK was bundled into the lift with Hrithik. Later, both came down and posed for pictures.

And at the end when asked to Sohail, as mentioned above tried to stay away from the talks, but When he was told that there were witnesses to the fight and that some people had found his act chivalrous,

Shah Rukh Khan said,

Ya, I just told him to relax a bit but nothing as dramatic (as a slap) happened. But I am happy that people noticed and thought I was chivalrous.