News|September 22, 2011 8:07 pm

Mohneesh Behl – Taking breaks is important !

It seems the adage ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ does not hold true for actor Mohnish Behl as he feels that small breaks in between help him prepare for a new start.

Behl, 48, who started his career in 1982 with films and then shifted to small screen with sitcom ‘Sanjivani’, feels gaps are necessary for an actor to grow. He will be seen again portraying the character of a doctor in Sony Channel’s mismatch love story ‘Kuch To Log Kahenge’.

I have always taken gaps of eight months after finishing a particular project. The gap rejuvenates me and motivates me to start up a new project with new energy. “I have never overladed myself with work and gaps are integral part of an actor’s life because it always helps an actor to grow

At a time when actors have small shelf-life on small screen, Behl has been one of the most loved faces on TV despite being choosy in selecting the roles. While most of the small screen stars have added reality shows to their portfolio, Behl, son of actress Nutan, says he is not charmed by the world of reality.

I will never do reality shows because I don’t believe in portraying a non-fictional character on-screen. I am an actor and would like to play a character. I need a role and script where I can bring life through my acting prowess. I don’t see myself as an entertainer

Sanjivani’ was a hospital based drama and playing the character of a doctor was an intrinsic part in it. Whereas this particular serial is a miss-matched love story of two people who only share the same profession. Here, the emphasis is not on the profession rather it stresses on love story,” he said. The sitcom is an adaptation of ‘Dhoop Kinare’, the cult Pakistani television drama