News|September 21, 2011 1:14 pm

Mausam will be a test for Sonam Kapoor 1

It’s just been five films and four years for Sonam Kapoor in Bollywood, but she has started to be counted among prominent actors. 24 hour entertainment channels and numerous magazines have made her face extremely familiar to the audiences. Now, when ‘Mausam’ is all set to be released, Sonam Kapoor would be praying for this ‘familiarity’ to convert into good box office collections.

Initially ‘Mausam’ had started as a low profile film but as the days passed, it changed into one of the most awaited films of the year. Last minute decision to delay the film by one week has just added to the curiosity.

Shahid has played two business man and two conman roles in these four films. He has played the boy-next-door in every film except ‘Kaminey’. This one film provided some insights of his latent acting talent.
Other films established Shahid as a lover boy who appeared to be valuing traditions and societal values. Teasers of ‘Mausam’ also portray Shahid in the same light and thus it seems he will be able to pull off the role satisfactorily, provided the director handles him carefully.

She was first seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya’ donning the character of Sakina. Bhansali’s poetry on silver screen gave Sonam ample screen space but she somehow managed to look low profile in a complex character.

Sakina’s personality needed to incorporate a bit of traditional beliefs and a little of progressive attitude. She was good in the progressive part but ordinary otherwise. On the contrary, Ranbir Kapoor had to remain the same throughout the film, so he passed off as Raj.

‘Delhi-6’ provided her the perfect chance which she grabbed with both hands. She looked absolutely natural as Madangopal’s daughter Bittu. She sizzled in songs and managed to deliver dialogues in an acceptable manner. The role had a tinge of conventional middle class family morals in the backdrop of essentially urban culture. Sonam did not do anything exceptional but she was not a sitting duck either.

‘I Hate Love Storys’, her first commercial success, showcased Sonam in a character she was familiar with. Imran Khan and Sonam shone as modern love birds, but Sonam was still not tested acting wise. ‘IHLS’ was by no means a film based on acting. It was a happy go lucky film whose fast paced script clicked for it. To be more precise, it worked due to catchy songs and charming youth of Imran and Sonam. Full of designer props, ‘IHLS’ was an eye candy which successfully targeted the well earning urban middle class. More than Sonam’s or Imran’s presence, it was high spending capacity of the urban middle class that made it a success.

‘Aisha’ was the story of a Delhi based socialite who lives in her own shallow world, far away from the real struggles of life. Sonam again looked convincing as Aisha, probably her best suited role till date; however she failed to bring all sides of the character alive on the screen. In fact, Amrita Puri as Shefali received more applauses than her in ‘Aisha’.

‘Thank You’, a baseless but moderately successful comedy by Anees Bazmee, presented Sonam as Sanjana who is love stricken but helpless against her womanizer husband. Probably, it was due to those extra efforts to appear lean and thin that Sonam did not look fresh in songs. Once more, her choice of clothes was excellent but acting as bad as before.
Thus, so far Sonam creates an image of a good looking girl, especially in designer clothes but who lacks good screen presence.

‘Mausam’ will be a litmus test for Sonam Kapoor who needs to come with a nice performance if she actually has to live up to the expectations.