News|February 6, 2012 6:06 pm

Mallika shapes up to play Jat sprinter

There’s something about Mallika. The only Bollywood actor to get honorary citizenship from the Los Angeles City Council in 2009, she was also recently awarded a special citation in her name. Present at the event was a former Japanese Prime Minister, who was so wowed by Jackie Chan’s co-star in The Myth (2005) that he, along with the rest of his delegation, took her to the media room for a photo op, inviting her to their country for a special visit.

Sherawat says that she would love to visit Japan, but for now, her focus is on India, rather, her home state of Haryana. In one of her forthcoming movies, Lucky Unlucky, Mallika plays a Jat sprinter and admits that she has already started shaping up for the role. “I have a trainer in LA, working out with me. I’ve always been pro-fitness and a vegan with a healthy lifestyle, but for this movie, that’s not enough. I need to get myself an athlete’s body with the grace of a sprinter,” she points out.

Buzz is that the film is a biopic, but Mallika denies this:

It’s a fictitious account, but the character I’m playing is very real. It’s an absolutely fabulous script. I was laughing all through the narration.

She points out that it’s heart-warming for her to see so many female gold medallists emerging from her small, obscure home state.

Thanks to the Jat machismo, the women in Haryana have been subdued and subjugated for ages. But now, my sisters are stepping out of their homes onto the international stage, and making a niche for themselves. It makes me so happy, and with this film, I hope I can be a role icon for them. Look at me. I never had a father, godfather or a lover pushing my case. Yet, I have walked the corridors of the White House, the red carpet at Cannes and the Oscars and made a name in both, Bollywood and Hollywood. If I can do it alone, they can too.