News|March 4, 2011 10:27 pm

Mallika Says No to Bikini

What are we hearing ‘Mallika Sherawat is feeling uncomfortable in bikini’? Is it true, the beauty, who has given many bold and sex-oriented shots in her earlier movies, has become now shy? Well, that’s something surprising.

But Malliaka did that in her next, Dhamaal 2, when director asked to shoot in bikini she denied and asked the filmmaker to use body double. Although, initially, the actress was agreed to wear the swim-suite but later on she denied. The actress said to the director,

“You can take the visuals of my body above my waist, but nothing below my waist. Arrange for a body double. Merge the two shots, mine upper and the body double’s lower, or show it separately. Do whatever you want but no visuals of my lower body.”

A source says,

“Well, Mallika had told Kumar on the first day of the Pune schedule that she didn’t want him to film the lower part of her body. Kumar decided that he would cross the bridge when the time came.”

But unfortunately, Kumar was not able to make her understand. The actress firmly stood her ground. The scene was eventually shot but only six to seven days later, when Kumar managed to arrange a body double, who matched Sherawat’s physicality. When contacted, Kumar simply said,

“I got what I wanted. You will see Mallika in a swimsuit from head to toe. I am not complaining.”

So, if guys if are going to watch Dhamaal 2 to see Mallika’s figure, then it’s not her but her body double.