News|July 20, 2011 12:54 pm

Makers of ‘Gandhi to Hitler’ will Sue Anupam Kher for Breach of Contract

While Mahesh Bhatt is being Sued by a model, Anupam Kher also is on the verge of getting sued by the makers of ‘Gandhi to Hitler’ for breach of contract,

Its said that Anupam Kher signed the contract, the makers paid Rs 4 Lacks, and after that because the fans were not happy that Anupam Kher is doing this role, he announced it at a press conference abroad that he is not doing the film anymore, Anupam Kher didnt even bothered to inform the makers that he is leaving the film, said Nalin Singh the co producer of the film. Nalin Singh also spoke to Anupam Kher to think again on his decision, but nothing worked between them

Producer of the film Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma is now ready to sue Anupam Kher for Rs. 2.5 crore for the breach of contract, before the movie opens in cinemas next week.

But when asked Anupam Kher, he feels that the makers are using his name for publicity now after almost a year of him leaving the film when the film is about to release.