News|August 9, 2012 11:20 am

Mahie Gill buys a new flat in Goa

Mahie Gill has finally taken some time off from work to decorate her new Goa property and spend time with her pooch.

To take a break from her hectic shoot schedule, Mahie Gill has finally managed to take a short holiday. Currently, the actress is chilling in Goa with her newly acquired canine companion, a pug. Mahie has also purchased a spanking new apartment in the tourist destination and is taking time out to do the interiors of the place.

Mahie says,

I won’t be staying here and so I will be giving it out on rent. But I still need to fix a few things.

The acterss is also glad she is finally getting to spend time with her beloved pooch. The dog was a gift from the royal family of Gujarat. The actress says,

Previously I had a dog called Bruno. But after he passed away, I decided not to keep another one. Now, I call my new friend Dona Gill and she is very, very naughty!