News|July 25, 2011 3:52 pm

Mahi: Playing Anusha Chawla was Toughest Act of My Career.

‘Not A Love Story’ the Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film still gives goose bumps to Mahi Gill the lead lady of the film,

Mahi Said,

We were shooting in the same building where the murder had taken place and trust me, it isn’t a comforting thought,” says Mahie who plays an aspiring actress in the film, ‘In fact I remember how once our lift opened right in front of the same flat where Neeraj Grover was supposedly cut into pieces. Trust me, I was so scared and my feet froze. What continues to intrigue me though is that since this apartment was so tiny, how come no one even heard a single cry of pain when he was being killed. It is very surprising.

Mahi found playing Anusha Chawla toughest act of her career.

How can doing a film like this be easy? After all it is difficult to get into the skin of the character since I haven’t committed a murder in real life, Sometimes it used to become so difficult to even think rationally. I used to get all bogged down and my brains would stop functioning. Actors say that they become emotionally drained after working in so and so film. I can say Not A Love Story is one such film of mine. Mera iss film mein khoon paseena lag gaya hai.

Not A Love Story Is Releasing On 19th August 2011.