Movies, News|April 8, 2010 11:50 pm

Mahesh Manjrekar Turns to be Singer in ‘City of Gold’

After trying his hand into direction, acting, scriptwriting, now Mahesh Manjrekar is ready to try his hands as a singer and song writer for his upcoming directorial venture, ‘The City of Gold’. The movie is based on the life and fate of mill workers, who lost their means of livelihoods after mills shut down in 1980s.

Although the movie does not have any song as part of the narrative, but Mahesh has incorporated few numbers as the background music. Mahesh says,

“The movie isn’t a song-and-dance one, but music is an essential part of it,” “Like we have a lavani number as part of the title credits. ‘Lavani’ shows were the only source of entertainment for mill workers at the time. They used to go to Hanuman Theatre to watch them. There’s also a Marathi poem in the background of an important scene, because I felt poetry could best explain the plight of mill workers. And there’s a promotional number, which I’ve sung”.

Mahesh was amazed when Ajit Paran asked him to sing for the title track. Though this is not the first time that Mahesh is singing a song but he says that he is not full-fledged singer.  Manjrekar has also rapped for the movie, but explains that keeping the social theme of the movie in context, the rap has serious lyrics.

The movie is hitting the screens in two languages – Hindi and Marathi – the songs of the movie remain the same in both versions. The lavani song and poetry are in Marathi version. The promotional song is a mix of English, Marathi and Hindi in both versions.