News|November 28, 2011 6:31 pm

Mahesh Bhatt to offer Jism 2 to Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss house

Mahesh Bhatt who is famous to give chance to the new talents has a unique way of announcing his next lead actress in ‘Jism 2,

Mahesh Bhatt will announce that ‘Sunny Leone’ will be the Lead lady of his upcoming film ‘Jism 2’, Bhatt will enter in Bigg Boss house this week and announce it on the reality show because of its popularity among the masses.

Bhatt has always launched new talents, he has a record of launching actors and making them stars, the biggest example is actors John Abraham and Bipasha Basu who became overnight stars.

According to Mahesh Bhatt, Sunny is apt for the role as she comes from a world where she had to struggle a lot. It took her lot of effort and courage to do what she does and her loneliness and pain suits the narrative of the film. She embodies the fact that nobody is ideal.

Jism 2 is a journey of a girl in search of her soul and will be directed by Pooja Bhatt.