News|December 5, 2011 1:15 pm

Madhur Bhandarkar: Dev saab’s spirit, optimism inspiring

Madhur Bhandarkar remembers Dev Anand as an Optimistic, strong and passionate person,

Bhandarkar said,

The news of his death has just shocked us. I have been an ardent, a hardcore Dev Anand fan and it is really sad to know about his demise,

A common friend had thrown a party for him, and he was so full of life. He was ageless, so vibrant and was happily posing for pictures. It was always a pleasure meeting him,

I sat with him and saw the film. I almost felt like a little child…Dev saab will continue to inspire me,

According to Bhndarkar Dev Anand’s life was his nonchalance to criticism, he said,

He was so passionate about whatever films he made, and he used to be always in high spirits whether or not his films were working. His spirit never dampened. He used to work for 16 hours a day in his prime, and he had always been so optimistic about his work.