News|July 19, 2011 3:50 pm

Madhur Bhandarkar Denies Rumors of Kareena as Lead in ‘Heroine’

Madhur Bhandarkar Denies the rumors of Kareena Kapoor being chosen for the Lead Role in his project Heroine ,

Madhur Bhandarkar Said,

No one has been finalised to play th lead in “HEROINE” till now. I request to Pls dismiss all the baseless rumours & speculation.

This is Bhandarkar’s Dream Project and wants to make sure that it turnes out to be the best, and for that he is not willing to take any risk, If Madhur Bhandarkar choses other actress other than Aishwarya Rai, It has to be someone that matches the level of Aishwarya, and for that it will take good time for him to decide,

Madhur has requested people to not to trust any news unless he announces the Lead of his project ‘Heroine’.