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Madhavan and Pakhi in Abbas Tyrewala’s 1-800 Love

Everyone is aware of who is Madhavan, but those who doesnt not know Pakhi, heres the introduction,

Pakhi is Abbas Tyrewala’s wife who has earlier worked in the name of Punarnava Mehta Pakhi has also worked in Rajan Khosa’s ‘Dance Of The Wind’ in 1998 with Kitu Gidwani,

Also in Harry Baweja’s fillum, directed by Hansal Mehta ‘Yeh Kya Ho Raha Hai’ in 2002 which was not a hit to remember,

Soure said,

Everyone knows Pakhi as Abbas’s wife and the casting director for Jaane Tu. She is also a writer. In fact 1-800-LOVE has been penned by her and she made Abbas cast her as the leading lady opposite John. As Punarnava Mehta, she has been trying to find a foothold in B-Town for many years. Somewhere down the line she came to be referred to as only Pakhi.

When asked husband Abbas Tyrewala, he said,

Yes, she did act in the two films. Punarnava Mehta is her name. Pakhi is what friends and family call her. We thought Pakhi is a friendlier screen name. She’s always been an actor. For a while, she was an Art of Living teacher. Now she writes, acts, teaches and hopes to make films soon. Wish I could do half as much as her in life.

Pakhi is casted opposite John Abraham in 1-800 Love, R. Madhavan plays a cameo in the fillum, he plays Pakhi’s ex-boyfriend

Source said,

The story revolves around Pakhi, who is in a relationship with Madhavan and has a very bad break-up because he cheats on her. She gets into a major depression and almost commits suicide. That’s when she meets the lead actor, John Abraham. Pakhi actually goes to call the suicide helpline but accidentally dials a wrong number, which puts her in touch with John. Madhavan has already shot for his scene in London a few months ago. It is a surprise element in the film. In took just one call by Abbas to Madhavan, he agreed to do the cameo immediately. And he suits the role perfectly.