News|December 1, 2011 1:12 pm

Lot to be done to address malnutrition: Aamir Khan

After being appointed as UNICEF’s brand ambassador to promote nutrition for children, Aamir Khan on Wednesday said,

I realize there is a lot to be done and I hope that by lending my voice I can make a difference to the lives of children and thereby to the future of our country,

This issue is foremost to me and I hope this initiative is successful,

The nationwide campaign would use popular mediums like TV, newspapers, radio, paintings and collaboration with the Anganvadi scheme for maximum exposure to reach out to everyone,

Aamir said,

If a newborn child is not physically and mentally healthy, we start on a bad foot,

I have worked with UNICEF, government, ad filmmaker Prasoon Joshi and the citizen’s alliance against malnutrition, a group of MP’s from various political outfits on the issue,

Karin Hulshof, the UNICEF representative in India, appreciating Khan’s commitment towards the cause and kids said,

India is an emerging superpower but rights of children remain to be fulfilled. With Aamir’s help we can reach out to more parents and children.