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Leaving Home – The Life and Music of Indian Ocean: The First Look

A history will created on 2 April 2010 in Indian Cinema when a film based on progress of Indian popular rock band, Indian Ocean, titled, ‘Leaving Home – The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’ will be released in the theatres of the country.

The 115 minutes film has been directed and produced by Jaideep Verma. Redeeming part of the process of making of ‘Leaving Home-The Life And Music Of Indian Ocean’ is that the filmmakers where in possession of a stock of more than 197 hours of footage, from which they have culled and made a film of 115 hours. The film showcases their music and tells their remarkable story of overcoming the odds without compromising their integrity.

The uniqueness of Indian Ocean is that they sue authentic instruments and folk Indian music mixed in a new idiom, be it the ballads of bauls of Bengal, or unique utterance of tribals of different parts of the country, or for that matter the classical nodes of Sufi mystics, the interpretation of these traditional forms of music into a modernist manner was primarily the reason for the band to be in vogue for such a long time.

Now, Asheem Chakravarty, vocalist and lead tabla player died on December 25, 2009. I think, the movie will be tribute to him… as he has put all of his efforts in establishing and taking Indian Ocean into the ranges of music.

Facts About the ‘Leaving Home – The Life and Music of Indian Ocean’

Language: English, Hindi and Bengali (with English Subtitles)

Duration: 115 minutes (1 Hour 55 Minutes)

Writer-Director: Jaideep Varma

Producer: D. Ramakrishna, Jaideep Varma (Cartwheel Features)

Editing: Nimish Gaur

Associate Editors: Sumit Kilam, Shriya Ghate

Cinematography: Gargey Trivedi, Paramvir Singh

Sound Design: Vivek Sachidanand

Location Sound: Vivek Sachidanand, Santosh Kumar, Kaamod Kharade

Sound Editor: R. Ranganath

Associate Director: Sumit Kilam

Senior Asst Director: Shriya Ghate