News|October 20, 2010 12:10 am

Lara & Priyanka Together in Don 2

Former Miss Universe, Lara Dutta and Miss World, Priyanka Chopra started their career together in a movie, called Andaaz and once again these two actresses are back in sequel of Don in which Lara Dutta will be playing Shahrukh’s moll, the role Eesha Koppikhar played in the original whereas Priyanka will play leading female.

Rumors were these, if two leading actresses will come face-to-face, will they break the breeze between two. A source says,

“The two barely exchanged hellos with frosty smiles before directing their warmth to Shah Rukh and director Farhan Akhtar.”

Though, the actresses always maintained their distant with each other but when Farhan assured Lara that her role would be fleshed out that she agreed to be part of the film. Also lead actor SRK, has a soft spot for Lara ever since agreed to act in his home production, Billu Barber a part every actress in town had refused.

Even without their past differences, things between them were never going to be easy. There is always a stress on the sets. The insecurities have already surfaced with the two ladies choosing to remain in their own corners for as long as possible.