News|December 30, 2011 11:12 am

Lara Dutta plans a small maternity break

Lara doesn’t want to sit at home after her baby, Lara’s due is in February and she plans to star working on her production from May itself,

Lara Said,

I am definitely producing another film in May 2012. Yes, it will have me in the lead. And again, like ‘Challo Dilli’ where my co-star was Vinay Pathak, the pairing would be very unconventional. In case I can’t get before the camera I will produce another film without me in the cast in May and then do a film with me in the lead from August,

Mahesh has the Olympics. I’ve motherhood to look forward to. So we’ve other important commitments. But I most certainly plan to remain an actress and a producer. It’s something that I learnt from Shah Rukh Khan during ‘Don 2’,

He told me he was happy to see actresses turning producers and advised me to continue with my career, It’s by far the most important role of my life. But there are other roles too. Those cannot be marginalized. I don’t do anything half-heartedly. I never became an actress to enhance my bank balance. The zeroes in my cheques never mattered. All the work that I’ve done so far as an actress is what I really believed in.

Talking about Don 2, she said,

It’s a small role. I did it because I wanted to work with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani and with Shah Rukh Khan.

Lara is all set to produce a pre-natal yoga video also, she said,

Pregnancy is treated almost like an illness in some sections of our society. I’ve been my normal self during pregnancy. I want other women, who get nervous and anxious, to experience the same comfort level and to not feel awkward about their weight or baby bump. Have I been conducting myself with dignity and grace? I don’t claim any exclusivity on the condition that I am in. I just feel motherhood should be a happy stress-free period for all women.