News|April 20, 2011 12:05 am

Kunal Kapoor: Next Superhero!

Now it’s a turn of Kunal Kapoor to rescue the helpless and the needy people as the actor has been signed to play  Doga, a superhero in Anurag Kashyap’s much awaited action film of the same name. the actor says,

“As a kid, there have been numerous times when I wore my underwear over the pants, tied a towel to my neck and pretended to be Batman or Superman. Being offered to play Doga was a dream come true.”

“He has shades of grey in his character, which makes him different from other superheroes. He is more of a vigilante who wants to bring the culprits of crime to book.”

Kunal Kapoor, who is also looking forward to the release of his next film, Don 2, feels great after working with Shahrukh Khan. He says,

“He is the most energetic person I have ever worked with. I used to think that people exaggerate when they say he has incredible energy, but now I’m convinced.”

Kapoor also reveals that he will be starring in an untitled rom-com, the shooting for which is yet to begin,

“I can’t divulge details, but yes, my character is very different from the ones I have played in the past.”

Doga is considered to be the second most popular character created by Raj comics after Nagraj.