News|July 20, 2012 11:28 am

Kunal Kapoor is learning rally car racing

Kunal Kapoor has stayed away from screen since his cameo in Don 2, but the actor, is using his time wisely — shooting for his next, trying to get his flying license, learning rally car racing and writing for the love of it.

While he is training in rally car racing, he is also spending a lot of time writing, and adds,

I love writing. I’d like to produce films that I like in the future. Direction is also a bug that never leaves you; I started off as an assistant director for Aks. There are other things too. I am on my way to getting a license to fly planes. I hope to buy a plane some day, but for that, a lot of my films will have to be blockbusters first.

And as far as Bollywood goes, the gap between his last film and his upcoming one is because Kunal wants to be choosy about his work. He says,

It’s impossible for me to be the actor who wakes up every morning and regrets what he’s done. I became an actor after I’d gone through some 15 professions. This was something I’d said that I’ll do so it’s really important for me to love and enjoy what I do. Unfortunately, the sort of script I’ve been looking for hasn’t come my way but I’d rather do limited work than work that I’m unhappy about.