News|August 31, 2010 12:48 am

King Khan Said No to Play Modi’s Role

Imagine, if, Shahrukh in a Character of Lalit Modi! Well I am not joking; it’s true, that Percept Picture Company approached King Khan to play Lalit Modi’s character in their next flick, Commissioner. Despite the fact, King Khan was approached Percept’s director personally but King Khan maintained his decency and politely refused the film.

The film is based on Modi’s life, seen from a journalist’s eye. A source says,

“When the film was announced, everything was very rosy on the IPL front. But after the recent controversy on Lalit Modi, it has become a very sensitive topic.”

Admitting that Shah Rukh Khan was approached for the title role, Joint MD of Percept, Shailendra Singh, who is also producing Commisioner, says,

“Actually, Lalit Modi himself asked Shah Rukh but he declined.

While Shahrukh said,

“He is very busy with his home production RA.One and hence unable.”

Now, the latest buzz is that Ajay Devgan has been approached for the same role.  Confirming this, Singh says,

“Feelers have been sent to Ajay. We would love to have him on board. We have the investments team in place and we are committed to do this film.”

Another actor who has been approached for the same role is Irrfan Khan. The source adds

“The modalities of the project are being worked out. It all depends on how everything falls in place.

Ajay’s presence in the film would take it to a commercial level. Irrfan too is a great actor who can emote very well and has a fan following. The actor for the central role will be chosen in a few days.”

Another surprising factor is that Madhur is not directing the flick, but as of now, Shamin Desai will direct the film. A source says,

“Madhur did not want to touch this subject as it is very controversial. (that’s a first!) Now, Shamin Desai will direct it.”