News|January 25, 2011 9:46 am

King Khan, Big B & Judi Dench to Promote Child Education

If I say, Shahrukh & Amitabh are coming together, then you guys will say, what’s new about it, they have already come together earlier. But if I say, they are coming together Hollywood A star, Judi Dench, then you must be amazed. Yeah all three will be working together to support the cause of education among the underprivileged in India.

And guess what all these top actors will be working with none other than Oscar Winning sound Engineer, Resul Pookutty. His foundation has been silently working towards bettering the socio-economic conditions of the poverty struck groups but he believes that the time has come to go top gear. Resul says,

“It is unimaginable that even in the 21st century there is rampant illiteracy in India. We are making our presence felt in the world and this aspect is something that should definitely be tackled. Along with economy and cultural boom, India should not be spoken as a country that is also illiteracy stricken.”

“Without Amitabh Bachchan’s blessing, my project would have not started at all. He has helped me with funds and goodness. It is time to implement new things. Just when I was planning different things, Judi Dench came to my rescue. She had spent eight weeks in the country while shooting her Hollywood project in Rajasthan. She saw the rich and the poor and was touched by the work that we were doing.”

According to Resul, Judi will play a very active role in the project. He said,

“Judi has told me to draw plans and just tell her what is to be done and she will try her level best to do more than what has been asked of her. I have met Shah Rukh while working on his movie Ra.One. I told him all about our charity that is being supported by two big luminaries and he was more than keen to support. SRK is a silent benefactor and he too will be with us in this cause.”