News|May 2, 2012 4:10 pm

Kick Start of Tere Bin Laden’s Sequel

This age is the age of remakes and sequels, almost all the filmmakers in Bollywood are now opting to work on a remake or a sequel rather than going for a fresh concept. Similarly producer Pooja Shetty is starting her work on the sequel of Tere Bin Laden which was a 2010 ironic comedy movie.

The movie will kick start on 2nd of May, to coincide with the death anniversary of Osama. Film will be directed by Abhishek Sharma and will star Ali Zaffar and Pradhuman Singh in the lead.

It is not sure if the sequel will be on the same story line of the first part, when abhishek was questioned about the story he said,

“I’m not at liberty to share anything now but it’s going to be crazier than before. We’ll be making fun of a lot more folks!”

Pooja Shetty also received phone threats and letters after the release of the first part but that didn’t frighten her from making the sequel.