News|May 18, 2010 11:49 pm

Katrina Takes Local Cab to Reach Airport

Bollywood Diva, Katrina Kaif knows how to live on her own. It may be surprising for others that she took local cab instead of using her own car with full security. The actress was required to fly to Bangalore for an event with her Raajneeti co-star Ranbir Kapoor, but her driver was stuck in traffic jam; she hoped to into a taxi with her hand-luggage and took off.

Taxi-driver, who had no clue about the star passenger, Katrina Kiaf in his cab, came into shock when he saw her into his rear-view mirror. Sharing about her part, Katrina says,

“But what’s the big deal about hopping into a cab to rush to the airport? Thousands of girls do it all the time. What’s there to get hyper? My driver was late because he got caught in a traffic snarl. If I had waited any more, I would’ve missed my flight. So I waved for a cab hopped in and zipped off.”

Few days back also Katrina disregarded her security arrangements, when hordes of young and old people had descended on her at a public gathering, she had fobbed off the security arrangements made by the organizers, arguing: “They love me. They can never harm me.”

Now a days, the actress has been indulging into such reckless security adventures much too often these days. The British actress lives on her own here and her latest adventure-ride to the airport on her own has left her family far from amused.