News|April 9, 2010 3:46 pm

Katrina May Get Married in Next Two Yearss

Recently at the launch of the wedding line Nakshatra Vivaah on Thursday Katrina expressed her self, She was asked about when does she thing she will get married ? and her answer was,

I think in two years I will get married. But still two years is a long time. I think I still have some time. Lets see. You know as the saying goes, ‘Man proposes god disposes’ – so every time we make a plan god comes and changes it. Let’s see

She was also asked to talk about her character in her upcoming fillum ‘Raajneeti’ and her character which resembles to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, she said,

For me Sonia Gandhi-ji is one of the most inspiring women in India. And personally, she is an inspiration. But this film and my character in the film does not resemble her or is not based on her life at all. I think it’s really important to clarify.
For Raajneeti a lot of people have given tremendous feedback, hopefully audiences will like it and it would be a new step for me, it as a special film in my career.

Apart from Raajneeti Katrina also has Tees Maar Khan on hand.