News|March 20, 2012 11:41 am

Katrina Kaif can be the 62 year old Mehrunissa!

It could be a role of a lifetime for Katrina Kaif if she accepts to play Mehrunissa. Director Nikhil Advani met her in London to convince her for the film which also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor.

Katrina Kaif has been waiting for a woman-oriented film which could give her a chance to prove her acting mettle. There was a buzz that the film might star Vidya Balan, Bollywood’s current sensation. But when director Nikhil Advani recently travelled straight to London to discuss Mehrunissa with Katrina, it was clear that the director is keen on Katrina for the challenging part of Mehrunissa. In the film, Kat will play Mehrunissa in two different time periods — at the age of 20, and again at the age of 62.

Katrina Kaif has also heard the script and would love to be a part of this big budget film, but she has her reservations. First, Katrina is skeptical to look elderly on the silver screen. Though the film has superstar Amitabh Bachchan and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, Katrina has just a few scenes with them, while most of her scenes would be with the younger actors who would play the younger avatars of Big B and Rishi Kapoor.

The actress may not be totally convinced for the film, but the director Nikhil Advani doesn’t feel so. He thinks Katrina can pull off the character well, which demands a very beautiful girl with a vulnerable persona.

It’s heard that the postponement of Dhoom 3, thanks to Aamir Khan’s unwillingness to start the film now, has affected Katrina’s schedule for the year. And because of this delay she might lap up the film Mehrunissa.