News|April 29, 2010 12:19 am

Katrina Kaif Admires Salman Khan

Though Katrina and Salman Khan are not together but Katrina admires Salman Khan. She mentioned that Salman Khan always stood by her side to inspire her for the role while sharing her experiences of her film, Rajneeti.

She added that Salman’s feelings are genuine and makers to feel good about him. Sure about her mentor-turned-boyfriend Salman to think and do always for her welfare Katrina praised his effort in helping her to peak up her career. Katrina also added,

“Apart from guiding me, Salman had confidence in me. He is not the person to say that because he is friendly with you.”

Apart from Salman she also praises Akshay Kumar as he was the one actor who worked with her in initial stages of her career.