News|April 6, 2010 4:45 pm

Katrina feels comfortable in Saree then Skirts

Katrina Kaif has always got into the controversies because of her Short skirts she wears in her movies.

Earlier it was because of Singh is king where she had to change short skirt in to saree while shooting at Egypt near Pyramids, then it was for Namastey London, the scene was chopped out where she wears short skirt near Dargah. Katrina feels more comfortable in Saree then Shoort skirts,

She says, when you wear short skirt, you have to remain alert all the time about the postures of the way you stand, sit or walk, when in saree you dont have to take care of it much, and saree is the most comfortable outfit one can wear. She commented this when she is done with her new movie Raajneeti, she is wearing starched cotton sarees in the whole movie, this has made her a fan of Saree.

So does this mean the we will see her more of in Saree now ?