News|July 20, 2011 6:09 pm

Katrina Apologies for Comment on Rahul Gandhi

Katrina apologiesed calling Rahul Gandhi as Half Indian, which she said was taken out of context,

Katrina said,

The comments have been misconstrued. They have been taken out of context. But having said that if I have caused hurt to anyone’s sentiments, I deeply apologise. It was not the intention at all,

Am I supposed to be ashamed that I am half Asian. I mean, ni!Rahul Gandhi is half Indian, half Italian, So? I am very proud of what I am and I just don’t understand the confusion as if I’m trying to hide the fact that my mother’s a British. Why would I?

I will also request the media not to make a controversial issue out of something which was not meant with any intention or malice or any real thought behind it. That’s all I have to say.

The remarks were met by the congress, The Congress spokesperrson Manish Tewari sarcastically said,

Who is she? I do not know. Tomorrow, you will ask for our reaction on the statement of Johnny Lever. To what level you want to bring down the level of the political discourse in the country?