News|November 2, 2010 2:06 am

Kareena & Tushar Dress-up in Golmaal Tees

Actors, directors, try to do unique things at the time of promoting their films. Rohit Shetty and his Golmaal 3 Members have also come up with an idea Golmaal 3 Tees to promote the film. Kareena Kapoor and Tushar Kapoor, who have been wearing Golmaal 3 T-shirts at the book launch event of their yoga instructor Payal Gidwani.

Director Rohit Shetty has given clear instructions to his five stars, (Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade and Kunal Khemu to only be seen in the specially-made G3 T-shirts. The directors says,

“I am happy that Tusshar and Bebo wore the tees to the event yesterday! It will be great if the entire G3 cast wears their T-Shirts for every outing.

I plan to wear mine, too. We will launch the Golmaal 3 series T-Shirts and merchandise soon. The series is already a brand and the T-Shirts and other merchandise is just an extension of the whole thing.”

Bebo adds to his comment,

“Rohit sent me two boxes full of glares, T-Shirts and mugs to distribute to my friends and family”

Tusshar says,

“I have distributed some of the merchandise to my make-up man, hairstylist and trainer, but I still have a have a dozen left.”

Well, this is an interesting way to promote the films! Isn’t it!