News|November 14, 2011 3:41 pm

Kareena To Tribute her Grandfather Raj Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor who was to pay tribute to grand uncle Shammi Kapoor will now to the same for her Grandfather Raj Kapoor, because her cousine Ranbir Kapoor did her job before her,

So, since the plans are changed now, she will pay tribute to her grandfather by performing to his tracks

Source said,

As Ranbir had done something similar only recently at an event, it was better for Kareena to not do likewise. It was decided that she pay tribute to her grandfather and his songs.

Its said that due to a typo error the name of Shammi Kapoor was initially announced for Kareena’s performance, it was actually supposed to be Raj Kapoor,

Source said,

The e-mail that they had received stated Shammi Kapoor’s name on the basis of which the first announcement was made.

Later, they were told that it was a typo and that actually it was to read as Raj, and not Shammi Kapoor.